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What does it mean to live the Christian life?

Written by: Boxhead Team

Living a Christian life means loving God and loving our Neighbour. Christians show love to God when they worship and serve with joy and faith and show love to neighbour through caring and serving and sharing the good news.

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Often this is a case of trying our best – Christians are not perfect people by any means! Sometimes, Christians and Churches get it really wrong and this is a cause of deep shame, sorrow and repentance. Living a Christian life should always be about love – about treating others and ourselves with compassion. Jesus shows us what such love might mean through his life, death and resurrection.


Praying is an essential part of the Christian life – it’s the communication, spoken or unspoken, that takes place between ourselves and God. God always hears our prayers, but does not always answer immediately or in the way we might expect. Have you ever prayed before? Prayer is simply turning to God who is always with us. If you’ve not prayed before, have a go here:

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