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How do I become a Christian?

Written by: Boxhead Team

Becoming a Christian can happen in an instant when you say ‘yes’ to following Jesus Christ – when you take the first step into the adventure. But like most adventures, the journey itself is a long one, in fact it’s a lifelong journey of growing in faith.

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Anybody can become a Christian, whoever you are, regardless of any guilt or shame you might feel about things that have happened in your life. God knows and loves you and wants you to be in a relationship with God. Often, we get caught up trying to work out exactly what we believe, or what living a good life looks like – and although these things can be important, they’re not what becoming a Christian is really about. It’s about turning to God, saying ‘yes’ to following Jesus.


Saying ‘yes’ to Jesus brings Christians hope, joy, peace, comfort, freedom, healing, forgiveness, a feeling of always being loved and accepted. Reflect on this: what would saying ‘yes’ to following Jesus mean for you? What’s stopping you?

To find out more about how to become a Christian, offers a chat-function where you can ask a Christian any questions you have.

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