William Hanson - Why manners matter, being polite without becoming a pushover, and how to undress a lobster- S4E1

7 June 2024

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Welcome back, y’all!

It’s so good to be bringing you a brand-new series, and the best part – this one never ends! To kick things off, we welcome the king of etiquette, William Hanson. Not only has he single-handedly taught a whole nation how to behave, but William is also the co-host of the incredibly hilarious podcast “Help, I Sexted My Boss.“

We have a fun conversation, touching on how he got into etiquette, his “sliding doors” moment with Capital DJ Jordan North, and why he thinks weddings can be a bit too long!

Together, we delve into some of the deeper aspects of life, including his thoughts on destiny and his upbringing in the Anglican church.

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