Episode 5 - Pushing boundaries, climate change and pets that rule

8 November 2022

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Hi y’all! Hi everybody! Trey Hall hosts Dan Kidby, Molly Boot and Asifa Lahore for the fifth episode of Hope & Anchor, a podcast about inclusive conversations that change things. In this episode we’re talking about how boundaries that aren’t clean cut can be more interesting, climate change hypocrisy, and pets that take over.

Asifa shares about the beautiful freedom they discovered from being out as a drag queen who is Muslim. Dan shares his origin story about how he came to be so passionate about animal welfare during a powerful moment of mediation when he had an out of body experience that changed him forever.

We also talk about COP-27 and the impact the lack of action is having on others and Asifa challenges us on the climate action and its relationship to privilege. We also discuss how the changes we make in our lives to benefit the climate usually also have beautiful benefits to ourselves.

To wrap the episode up, we hear from Lorna Faye Dunsire, a poet from Bradford, who shares her poem ‘celebration of what matters and the call to arms.’

Our guests around the Hope and Anchor table in this episode are:

Dan Kidby is the founder of Animal Rebellion.

Molly Boot (They/Them) is 25, and is a theologian, broadcaster and musician. Their academic work focusses on power, medieval mysticism, sacramentality and the arts, and they have also written on trauma theology, queer theology and theologies of consent. Molly is a Church of England ordinand at St Augustine’s College and St Matthew’s Bethnal Green. They are a trustee of the Greenbelt Festival, and when they aren’t writing, they can usually be found playing the violin, conducting or preaching.They have two upcoming book publications with SCM Press: a beginners guide to female medieval mysticism, and an essay on trauma and purity culture for a collection of young theologians’ reflections on contemporary justice issues.

Asifa Lahore is Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be LGBT+ and Muslim. In 2014 Lahore came into the national spotlight when she was famously censored from discussing Islam and Homosexuality on BBC Free Speech. Asifa featured in Channel 4’s groundbreaking documentary Muslim Drag Queens in 2015, drawing an audience of 1.1 million viewers. That same year Asifa was acknowledged as a leading figure within the Gaysian community receiving the Attitude Magazine Pride Award. Asifa was also a judge for the Independent’s Rainbow List in 2015, having appeared on the list the previous year.

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