Episode 3 - A chill in the air, making an ass out of 'u and me' and answerless leaders

25 October 2022

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Hi y’all! Hi everybody! Trey Hall hosts Owain Wyn Evans, Dr Cat Hobaiter and Aaron Bent for the third episode of Hope & Anchor, a podcast about inclusive conversations that change things.

We used to think a week was a long time in politics. In this episode we talk about Liz Truss and leadership being about rolling the punches. Do our leaders know what they’re doing? Do they feel as much like imposters as the rest of us? Imposter syndrome is part of Owain’s story. He talks about being the only gay in the Welsh village and how his childhood has given him some hang-ups in his career as a TV Presenter. Aaron also echoes that he sometimes feels unworthy and how it mirrored his dating experience: not everyone will like him but one will, and maybe that’s fine. Cat introduced us to her favourite chimp (no, really) Finnick who wanted to be one of the big boys, to impress the females but is one of the smaller ones. How can we bounce back from imposter syndrome, like Finnick?

We also discuss protestors and the crew talk about their own involvement in protest. Without disruption, how can the status quo be tested or challenged? What does it mean to use our power well? Cat shares how chimps study you as much they are being studied.

We round up episode three with a conversation about Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof and how it has changed Owain’s understanding of his body.

Our guests around the Hope and Anchor table in this episode are:

Owain Wyn Evans is an award winning television presenter, and is known across the UK and beyond as the drumming weatherman and for bringing a certain level of flamboyance and panache to everything he does! Owain has worked as a BBC presenter for over 15 years and currently the senior weather presenter for BBC North West Tonight, but he found national and international fame in 2020 when a video of him drumming along to the BBC News theme tune went viral. Owain is a regular reporter for The One Show, weather presenter on BBC Breakfast and deputy on Radio 2. On New Year’s Day 2022 he hosted the UK’s biggest radio show when he sat in for Dermot O’Leary on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show!

Cat Hobaiter is a British primatologist focusing on social behaviour in wild chimpanzees and involved in long-term studies of chimpanzees in the Budongo Forest Reserve in Uganda. She is particularly interested in the role gestures play in communication. She is a lecturer at the University of St Andrews.

Aaron Bent is a Poet & Content Creator based in Leicester but originally from Battersea, London. As a Black Brit of Jamaican descent, his lineage was shrouded by mystery. Growing up in Britain, he lived under the impression that my history began with slavery! Africans were brought to the Caribbean to work for the enrichment of various European Empires, in his case: the British Empire. Self-hatred was the byproduct of this understanding for him - also known as Afrophobia. I abhorred being of African-Jamaican descent. Until I came into contact with the truth.

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