1 June 2023

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Welcome back, one & all, to Hope & Anchor - this week returning with an episode which truly has the X-Factor…

Since winning the show 14 years ago, the wonderful Joe McElderry has traced a path through a career in the limelight, which brings its fair share of gripes with the glory.

Joe opens up about fame, the dating game, music’s spiritual connection, and we weigh in on conflict, embroidery, and the correct way to enter a parking space.

This episode covers:

  • Life in the public eye
  • Getting honest about breaking the law
  • Spiritual connection through music
  • The inspirational guidance of George Michael
  • Whether dating apps are the death of romance
  • How we should deal with conflict

Episode highlights

“I was a big fan of X Factor, so being on the show was really exciting. But actually having everybody know who you are, and people delving into that, and the newspapers - that was the overwhelming part for me.” - 9:30 - Joe McElderry

“I can be so stressed about personal life problems or whatever’s going on at that time, stuff that everybody goes through. But the minute I step on stage, no matter how tired I am, if I’m sad about a situation that’s going on that day, everything disappears. ” - 14:50 - Joe McElderry

“My date on Blind Date was in the ‘Worst Date’ category every year for the next nine years. This boy was awful. We went to a romantic restaurant in Austria and he left me. He climbed out the toilet window to get a McDonald’s…” - 19:05 - Jaz Ampaw-Farr

“You always think the grass is greener because of social media, because everything is so instant. You’re looking and comparing with a couple and thinking, ‘Oh, they’re really happy’. Then all of a sudden one of them has gone off with somebody else.” - 22:45 - Joe McElderry

“My life is abnormal, it’s not a 9-5 where you leave everything at the door. I am my job.” - 29:00 - Joe McElderry

“If you feel moved to bring a conflict up, we say check your motives. So what are your motives for addressing this conflict? That’s really helpful for me. There’s four guidelines: what I have to say, is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it helpful?” - 38:30 - Trey Hall

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