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The Story Project

The Story Project is a partnership involving Cliff College, The Evangelism & Growth Team, The Learning Network and local Churches and Circuits and you.

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It’s in our nature as humans to tell stories. It’s also in our nature to listen to them. Stories are the way we communicate our feelings, emotions, beliefs and values. Stories impart truth and reveal our heart. Each of us has a story, and our story is worth sharing. An important part of that is our story with God, which is what ‘The Story Project’ is all about.


Sometimes we get the impression that the only stories the Church values are those of radical conversions from dark pasts to bright futures, the more sordid the details and the more dramatic the conversion the better. The reality of course is that most of our stories are not like this and we can sometimes feel we ‘don’t have a story’. This could not be further from the truth. People value stories of people like them who in their ordinary lives encounter the extraordinary God. The Story Project aims to give value to all types of story, the dramatic and the ordinary. we want encourage people to share not only their story of how they met with God, but how they meet with God now in the everyday.

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