Love Yourself, Love your neighbour

At its centre is a gentle rhythm of daily contemplation and action for those of faith, those searching, and those who do not know what they believe.

The Evangelism and Growth team was really excited about social media campaign: #loveyourself #loveyourneighbour.

It began on Monday 13 April and engages with the many wellbeing conversations that have recently sprung up.

The aims was to:

  • to share the riches of the Christian faith in a way that is easily accessible.
  • to connect with those who have no prior contact with the church and who don’t use or understand religious language.
  • to reflect the places and people we hope will encounter God’s love during all that is unfolding.

In the moments of stillness we’ll invite people to enter into, we pray they might glimpse that God is close, more fully appreciate who they are, and increasingly love their neighbour.

We are not replacing the great work on social media by many people in the Methodist church so far. Rather, through a different emphasis, we hope to attract a new audience that we may not have yet engaged.

We invite you to become a part of #loveyourself #loveyourneighbour and see it is an opportunity to speak and share faith in a low-key way. Please share the posts you find helpful and let us know how it went.

We would also value you sharing with us the things you are finding sustaining and life-giving, so we can make them a part of what we share!

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