“My name is Moses. I do bicycle repairs – I am a bicycle mechanic, and I do shoe repairs to earn a living. It would be a good business if I had money to invest in the business. But apparently it is not a good business, and I am not able to support myself out of it, because I have limited capital and the jobs are very limited.”

Because Moses struggles to support his family through his bicycle mechanic business, his son, Eria, must work as a brick maker.

“I don’t feel good because he is my son, and being his father I am supposed to support him … if there was another option I wouldn’t want my son to go through that hard life to support the family.”

All We Can’s local partner has provided bicycles to children in Moses’ community to help them access school – including Moses’ son, Eria.

“In this sub county the bicycles have already increased, and with that I will be able to do so many repairs that will increase my daily income. And I will be in a position now to at least buy my children their books and other necessities and I believe our lives will not remain the same.

“Now, I feel my business will grow, and I will be able to feed my family. I feel if my son goes to school … great opportunities will come his way.”

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