Where have I found hope and support this year?

“I am Maureen and I am 19 years old.

“When I was in school, I got pregnant. I did not know I was pregnant … [my parents] told me to go away from home and get married, but when I reached the home of the boy who had impregnated me, he had disappeared and run away.

“I felt my chance was taken away.

“At one time, I thought about committing suicide.

“One day, my friend came and shared with me the news about an organisation that had come to the village … we were told we would start a tailoring training programme.

“Right now, I have learned to make dresses, shorts, and shirts. I know by the time I finish this course, I would be able to make nice clothes which I would be able to sell and get some money because next year my child would be grown and I need to take care. I would be able to take care of my child to school and also take care of myself.

“I feel my chance is coming back again.”

Maureen is from Uganda. All We Can offers training to courageous young women like Maureen from marginalised, rural communities. They learn the skills they need to make a living, and fulfil their God-given potential – transforming not only their own life, but their child’s as well.

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