Being grateful is related to recognising the importance of life’s moments, the help of people who have always been by your side.

Thank you to all mothers of the Mummies Republic. We have helped each other through this year. I am grateful for every detail, because when we give ourselves wholeheartedly, life rewards us twice! So thank your friends, companions and experience for the opportunities. Everything will come back to you one day.

Even when we don’t understand God’s reasons, we need to be thankful to God. A person who is faithful to God’s word needs to have faith and always look at the good things God gives us. So, keep your faith intact and never forget to give thanks. Let your gratitude be sincere and genuine.

Humility is one of the characteristics that will help you in the search for gratitude. If you want to be grateful for life and its graces, you must be humble, and recognise all the little details that make a difference. So, start looking with good eyes at people, at the moments and at each phase of your life. With humility, everything will change perspective.

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