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Prove It

Written by: Richard Oppong-Boateng

Finding Our Hope explores the adventure of what it means to be a follower of Jesus through articles, projects and stories. In this video, Richard delves into the claims we make, and those that Jesus made about who he was. Was Jesus a madman, or was he the Son of God?

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Who was Jesus, was he the Son of God or was he a madman? Richard outlines why he believes and trusts in the person of Jesus as his hope and anchor.

Jesus’ actions support the claims he made about who he was - he healed the sick, he raised the dead. But Jesus isn’t just a historical figure, Richard’s experience is that Jesus holds him and loves him through the most difficult storms of his life.

Here’s the challenge to you: read the Gospels to see what Jesus was all about, or watch a movie about Jesus, or chat to a Christian you know, and reflect on who you think Jesus is. Find out more about Jesus here.

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